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Todays world is evolving very rapidly as new cutting edge technologies are introduced everyday, and so are the programming languages which are used to make such technologies. Coders arena is a perfect place to start your programming journey by learning modern technologies that are being used by the IT Industry. We are focused on practical and project-based learning through which one can understand any programming language to its core. We guide our students to build and shape a professional portfolio as a developer through which they can get placed in Fortune 500 companies with big packages. We strongly believe that programming can be learnt at any age and do not have any age barrier.All the instructors in code arena are professional developers and software engineers who teach in their free time.

  • Learn Modern Programming Languages
  • Professional Development Environment and Labs.
  • Experienced Instructors from industry
  • 24/7 Online Help
  • Project based learning


We provide following programming courses

Python Beginner

This course is beginners in Python who have zero knowledge about programming or Python.

Advanced Python

This course is for students who have good understanding of python basics and want to take deeper dive in python and make the most of it.

Python for Data Science

Through this Python Data Science training, you will gain knowledge in data analysis, Machine Learning, data visualization, web scraping, and Natural Language Processing.

Web Development with Python

Through this course you will learn making web applications using frameworks like Django and Flask.

Automation Testing with Python Selenium

This course will teach you how to perform automation testing using selenium or other Automation tasks using python.

Basic web Development

This course will teach you basic building blocks for learning and making advanced web applications.

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